So after a bit of organising and re-organising this place is now my personal blog. I’ve moved my work website and blog to Gandi and they are now located at and subsequently. Work is still in progress, lots of pages are empty, but it’s looking to become better, so that’s that.

I will still be posting work related stuff here, obviously, becasue I’m so awful at separating life from work, but nevertheless, there will be more rants (much more rants) here, more non-politically-correct stuff, and more personal stuff in general. Which makes me think this blog should have limited visibility. This I shall think about.

Anyway, enjoy it or not, I don’t give a fuck, cuz’ this is my personal blaauuug.


Идеальный фильм // Ideal Film

Ideal FIlm

This is a movie I worked on a while ago. It’s on Russian so I will be writing this post on Russian for a Russian-speaking audience. You can still hear the ‘soundtrack’ from the movie:

1. Introduction // Вступление:  

2. Prelude // Прелюдия: 

3. Eye of one calling in the desert // Глаз вопиющего в пустыне: 

4. The Great Soviet Encyclopedia // Большая Советская Энциклопедия: 

5. Zombie-monks in Space in Search of the Answer // Зомби-монахи в космосе в поисках ответа: 

6. Postlude/Outro // Постлюдия/Финал: 

This album will go live on Google Play on the 24th of February.

Спустя год после выпуска выложен в сеть фильм Игоря Волынского для которого я писал музыку.

Фильм можно смотреть по ссылке – тут.

Выше можно послушать “саундтрек” к фильму. А также, альбом с саундтреком выйдет на Гугл Плей 24 февраля.

Lancaster Pathfinder

Here is something I wrote for an application called Lancaster Pathfinder. It’s an application for finding biking routes around Lancaster.

I liked working with the ukulele here and I though it was fun to connect a folk-ish sound with a bit of cheesy 80’s synths and drum machine-like drums. Anyway, here it is:

Lancaster Pathfinder

The function of the music was for it to be played during the video version of the routes. I do advise you to listen to the music through the player here or on Google Play as the version is the video is a bit different and I like it less. Nevertheless here’s the video:

So if you’re ever in Lancaster you can get the app on Google Play:

You can also support me by purchasing the music on Google Play:

Have a nice day.

Music from a movie that never happened.

Same movie as from the last post.

The music was written for one scene – a walk in the park.


I stopped working with the director on this movie but some of the music was left and here it is, these are three versions for the same scene. The first two are similar:

The third is a bit different:

I hope this brings a bit of ‘behind the scene’ view of music that can be interesting at times.

Have fun.

3 by 5

Here is 15-minute version of a something that theoretically can run forever. Originally ment to be in an installation context but I decided to make a purely sonic version too.

Technically it’s just additive synthesis with randomly (controlled) created envelopes of individual tones. All the envelopes are also in sync meaning that they all move from short to long and back over a specified period of time.
There are two tones with each having an individual cycle of 3 and 5 notes (hence the name 3 by 5) that keeps repeating and resulting in new connections.
The patch can be both used as a performance tool, or left to evolve by itself.

It’s best listened to in headphones and without expecting anything to go anywhere – there are only three ‘events’ in the whole piece.
I hope you like it.

A sample of my film music.


This music was supposed to be in one movie that I was supposed to write music for. Buuuut things don’t always go as planned.

As can be seen by the title of the track, the music was supposed to go with the scene based on an experiment, specifically the Milgram experiment. Obedience to authority and conflict with own conscience. Darks-ish, something-something.